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6 Takeaways from February's Town Council Meeting

Presentation on PFAS findings in two Town wells

  • PFAS contaminants are not completely understood and their effects continue to be studied.

  • Measuring for PFAS is a relatively new metric.

  • The Town Administrator made an important point that 2 of our 11 well tested slightly above what is believed to be harmful, but that water was certainly diluted when collected into our bigger “pool” of water that is distributed.

  • Mayor Hushour reiterated that while the tests were conducted in September, the town was notified of the results in December. Swift action was taken to take both wells offline, explore and begin remediation, and prepare communication to Town Residents.

Public Comment on proposed voting blackout period leading up to town elections

  • Town Residents who are also CAMO members spoke in support of an Ordinance that would provide a blackout period of Ordinance and Charter Amendment votes leading up to elections.

Beck property representatives continue the narrative that any changes to MXD are unfair and an attempt to disrupt the Beck development specifically. But how can this be, if MXD wasn’t developed specifically for the Beck property?

  • According to Maryland Constitution Article II, Section 33: “A zoning ordinance created for a specific property owner (eg. MXD for the Beck property) is considered an illegal special law.”

  • Ordinance Amendment 2023-1 (Changes to MXD Zoning) was introduced and referred to the Planning Commission. This amendment could use public support:

Buffalo Road Annexation passes (R-2 Residential), despite Councilman Domotor’s concerns over recent comments made by the Planning Commission over growing constraints on Public Facilities. Passes 3-2 (Domotor and Poirier Nay)

  • A preliminary screening assessment was provided by the Town Planner (thank you Mr. Breeding!), that provided the Council with estimates of traffic increases, water usage, and additional school-aged children.

  • Council President Poirier took interest in the new student estimates given to the Town Planner by Carroll County Public Schools (9 homes = 4 elementary, 3 middle, 3 high school, 10 Total).

  • Seems like he was doing some quick math: 10 kids for 9 dwellings = 1.1 kids per dwelling. 600 dwellings at Beck would equal an estimated:

267 elementary schoolers

198 middle schoolers

198 high schoolers

663 Total additional school-aged children

  • The CCPS estimate of 1.1 additional school children per home is quite high compared to the numbers quoted by the Beck Development representatives.

Ordinance 2023-3 was introduced for possible vote in March. This is an alternative plan for funding the Police Station. Adoption of this ordinance would take $500,000 out of the capital reserve fund, then commit $350,000 per year until the police station is completed.

Councilman Munder tried to introduce Wellhead Protection Ordinance 2022-35. However, Councilmembers Domotor, Reed, and Galletti questioned the lack of revisions that were requested by the Water and Sewer Commission. After many questions and rebuttals, the Town Attorney clarified that he recommended the original version be furnished to the council. It’s unclear why a newer version with revisions was not in front of the Council. A motion to reject the ordinance was passed (Domotor, Reed and Galletti voted Yay to reject). Check out the whole exchange at the 2:15 mark:

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