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Council Member Recommends Screening Assessment for the Beck Property

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

At the January 9th Town Council Meeting, Council Member Stephen Domotor presented a recommendation that the Town of Mount Airy conduct a screening assessment on the adequacy of public facilities for the Beck Property at the current stage of development, the pre-concept plan phase. You can watch his presentation by fast forwarding to the 36:21 mark in the video.

Council Member Domotor also provided a hard copy of his Policy Opinion Memorandum, which is available for download below.

Screening Assessment Recommendation_9 Jan
Download PDF • 544KB

CAMO agrees with Council Member Domotor's recommendation as it reflects what we have wanted from the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates from last night's council meeting. Don't forget to show up at the Beck Property Charrette on January 19th! Your voice and your presence matters!!

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