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Opinion: Why I'm Voting for Jason Evans for Town Council

I've known Jason for a little over a year, and have seen many admirable qualities in that short time. With a "down to earth" personality, what you see is what you get with Jason. He's an easy man to have discussions with, whether you agree or disagree. He doesn't beat around the bush; he's upfront and forthcoming about his intentions or thoughts. With today's political atmosphere, this is a welcome and much needed breath of fresh air.

Jason is honest and dependable. At times when I have needed him to show up or work hard to help myself or others, he is there. He's true to his word and gets a lot of his values and convictions from his family upbringing. Honor and respect means something to him, which is hard to come by these days, especially in politics.

As far as the policies of our small town, Jason is adamant that the citizens of Mt. Airy have more information and transparency from their elected officials. He wants to stop having so many "closed door" meetings and meetings that happen without citizen knowledge and make the public more aware of the goings on in our government. This includes the PFAS situation with our water. Jason wants to be at the forefront of ensuring our water is safe no matter what and that we don't overload it with overdevelopment. He wants Mount Airy to be a leader on this issue; an example for other municipalities to follow.

Furthermore, regarding transparency, Jason wants to make sure the town is spending our hard-earned tax dollars properly and stop wasteful spending so that we can build our town reserves back up. He manages a small self-made business, so I have full confidence in his abilities.

The biggest issue facing our town at this current moment is overdevelopment. I've had many conversations with Jason regarding the Beck property and other future properties and Jason is completely against high density in our town. He doesn't think that MXD zoning or APFO waivers belong in Mount Airy. He has seen what high density development has done to PG and Anne Arundel County and he wants to protect our town from the mess it creates. He wants to work with his fellow council members to prevent the Beck property from having more homes than this town and it's infrastructure can handle. More importantly, he wants the citizens to be heard. He has reached out to hundreds of citizens who feel unheard and ignored and he wants them to have a voice. He is that voice for the majority that knows these big issues have the potential to destroy our small town.

Jason listens. Knowing him personally, he is an active listener that doesn't just wait for his turn to speak. He truly listens to his friends, colleagues, employees, and even those that are not his friends. He listens to the citizens, taking in their opinions and knowledge and experience. He wants to use the citizens and their input to run this town, not his own personal beliefs of what he feels the town should be. Jason is a good man, with a beautiful family standing behind him. He will serve our town citizens well, and won't be pushed to bend because of politics. He wants what we, the citizens want.

Leadership that listens. Vote Jason Evans on May 2nd!

-Nicole Moon

Note: Citizens Against Mount Airy Overdevelopment does not endorse candidates, but rather positions on topics that affect Mount Airy. The views expressed in this article belong to the author and not necessarily the CAMO organization.

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