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Updated: Jan 8

In the interest of ensuring our fellow citizens are well-informed, public information requests pertaining to the Beck and Harrison-Leishear properties are now available on the Government Transparency page of our website. More documents will be released in the future.

What you will find:
  • Meeting notes from closed meetings between town officials and the previous Beck property development team.

  • Developer's involvement in writing the town's Mixed Use District (MXD) zoning code

  • Discussions about waiving open space requirements

  • Concerns about the Beck development expressed by residents and town officials.

  • Town & County administrator communications about Harrison-Leishear

"You should be dealing with minimum standards that are health, safety, and welfare. If your [Mount Airy's] exacting standards are too onerous, then it [Beck Property] will never get developed." --Developer Attorney

We hope this provides a little more insight into these development activities. If you have submitted your own public information requests and wish to share with CAMO or post on the website, please email us at

Please attend the Beck Property Charrette on January 19th! This is an opportunity for the public to interact with the developer about their proposed pre-concept plan. More information is in our Events section and on the town website.

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