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We Need You at Beck Charrette 2!

CAMO strongly encourages anyone and everyone to attend the second and last feedback session of the charrette on Monday night, May 22nd. Even if you attended the first session.

We want you to be aware of two of the untruths being presented to us by the Developer and encourage you to point them out and call them out. And talk to an elected or appointed official to get their input.

Untruth 1) The MXD ordinance states that there only needs to be 10% buildable open space provided. Because we are in an open space deficit, this is FALSE.

*Correction 5/22* CAMO actively seeks to ensure we are providing you the most accurate information available. We did consult with town staff on the open space requirements however, it seems that we have been advised incorrectly. This is yet another example of how the town code is sometimes difficult to interpret and should be refined, and we do not fault the Town staff.

The correction is that under current Town Code, ALL development needs a waiver while we are in an open space deficit. If a waiver is granted for an MXD project, a minimum of 10% open space is required (not the 3 acres per 100 new residents that would keep us in the same, but not worse deficit).

Sincere apologies for this confusion. However, it doesn't mean that the open space provided is adequate.**

Untruth 2) The Beck property was part of the 2018 Vision Plan.

FALSE: although the West portion of the current plan resembles the outcome of the Vision Plan, the presentation glosses over the fact that the East portion was not in the scope of that plan. And they are trying to cram as much construction on the east side as possible.

Don’t let them skate these points past you!

Below are some of the comments provided so far:

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