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MXD Zoning & the Beck Property (Mt. Airy Crossing)

Status: The Beck Property developer, Pleasants Development, submitted a new pre-concept sketch plan in July 2023, following a charrette held in the Spring. The updated plan includes increased 134,000 sq ft of commercial space and 492 homes outlined as follows:

  • 37 Single Family Detached Homes

  • 103 Townhomes

  • 160 Apartments for 55+

  • 125 Villas for 55+

  • 67 Townhomes for 55+

This plan is not yet approved. The process for approving a Mixed Use Development such as the Beck property is here.

Position Statement (Updated 9/6/23):

CAMO believes that while Mixed Use Developments (MXD) have their benefits, the current version of Mount Airy’s MXD ordinance includes language that supports high density development and lack of open space which is not conducive to the residents’ vision for the Town.


Further, the manner in which MXD was applied to the Beck property by a previous Town Council; absent a re-zoning application from the owner and subsequent reduction of its open space requirement to increase residential and commercial density (deemed a necessity for the Beck development specifically); is detrimental to the Town and its residents.


Therefore, CAMO endorses re-instituting the open space requirement for Mixed Use Development consistent with existing residential zoning outside of Downtown while the development process is still in its beginning stage.


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