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Make the Beck Workshop Successful

The Beck Workshop (which the developer calls “Mt Airy Crossing”) is planned for February 13, 2024 to discuss the “new” Preconcept Plan for this project.

To make this workshop succeed, it is vitally important that all concerned citizens communicate to the Town Council and Planning Commission their concerns, desires, and recommendations about this project. According to the rules of this Workshop you will not be able to speak. For that reason, now is the time to speak.

Both the Planning Commission and Town Council members want to hear from you. The Town Council President even held multiple citizen meetings this month to hear the voice of the people and gather questions he will ask on their behalf at the workshop.

While you consider what you want to write or call about to the TC and PC members, review the developer's responses to the last public hearing. The active developments page, under Mount Airy Crossing, includes actual Preconcept Plan documents that include a picture of the overall plan for both Beck West and Beck East, a picture of Beck West, and a picture of Beck East, details on open space, the town staff report on public facility adequacy (water, schools, open space), etc.

These links provides a summary of all the public comments and concerns that resulted from the Beck Public Meetings that took place on September 27 and 30 of last year.

These meetings were conducted by the Planning Commission. It may be helpful for you to review these sets of comments and concerns. For your information, those in attendance at these meetings were citizens (perhaps up to 100), Planning Commission members, Town Council Members, and members of the development team.

Significantly, the Planning Commission Chair and Vice Chair made it known throughout these meetings that they and the PC in general were going to listen to the public and consider the comments, concerns and recommendations as they evaluate the Beck Preconcept Plan.

I believe it is extremely important that citizens put fresh eyes on this “new” preconcept plan along with prior citizen comments and determine if the developer really “listened”. Or is this merely more of the same?

The upcoming Beck Workshop is the next step in the development process. And even though the project is still in an early phase, it is an extremely important one. I cannot overstate its importance. Once a preconcept plan is approved, there are very few opportunities to make changes to the plan. And those changes that can be made fall into the superficial category. Changes to housing density, types of housing, roads, play areas and other things will not be changed. Don’t be fooled by words from anyone that says “this project has many years before it is completed and changes can be made along the way”. This is another myth.

So please, review the attachments, and make your concerns, desires, and recommendations heard. Write and call your PC and TC members. Now is the time to act. Let's make this Mission Possible!

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