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Protect Mount Airy's Water Supply!

On January 9th, the Town Council will vote to adopt Ordinance 2022-35 - Wellhead Protection.

Write to your town council members and/or show up to let them know you support Ordinance 2022-35! This ordinance will align our town code with Maryland's Wellhead Protection Program and the Safe Drinking Water Act and will:

  • Ensure an adequate supply of water that is safe to drink and for daily activities

  • Establish minimum standards for dedication and acceptance by the Town of water supply wells

  • Ensure wellhead and water resource protection and safety

Why would anyone vote against these things?

Great question! But C.A.M.O. believes the town council is ready to kill this ordinance because it may not be in the best interest of developers.

We think protecting our water should come before protecting a developer.

Email the council here and/or come to the January 9th Council Meeting:

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